Author(s): Georges Pujals, Rym Ayadi
In: Financial Markets, Researchers’ work published externally
Date: 01 July 2005

This paper aims at providing a complete picture of banking mergers and acquisitions (M&As) in Europe during the 1990s and offers an economic evaluation and strategic analysis of the process. Building on an extensive review of the US and EU literature, the authors examine the impact of M&As in European banking on profitability and efficiency, considering the breakdown between domestic and cross-border transactions. Against this background, they paint several prospective scenarios for banking consolidation in the medium term after examining the state of concentration and competition in the domestic banking markets and the role of the regulatory changes and remaining obstacles to a full European banking integration. Finally, they point to the main strategic challenges facing banking institutions in terms of business models – Universal, multi specialised or specialised banking, optimal size, growth strategies – M&As or partnerships – and the prospects offered by the new Basel Capital Accord.

Publisher: SUERF (Société Universitaire Européenne de Recherches Financières), Vienna

ISBN 3-902109-28-9

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