Author(s): Morten Balling, Rym Ayadi, Frank Lierman
In: Financial Markets, Researchers’ work published externally
Date: 19 March 2010
Pages: 132

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This book is the outcome of a high level conference co-organised by CEPS, SUERF (European Money and Finance Forum) and the Belgian Financial Forum in November 2009 in Brussels. The papers focus on key challenges of crisis management of cross border financial institutions at the EU level The book addresses topics ranging from the collapse of the Icelandic banking sector, cross-border banking resolution and deposit guarantee schemes, while also examining the crisis management approaches of the European Central Bank and other lenders of last resort.

The volume concludes with the 2009 SUERF Annual Lecture on “Unconventional Monetary Policies and Crisis Management” delivered by Jaime Caruana, General Manager of the International Bank for Settlements.
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