Author(s): Rym Ayadi, Emrah Arbak, Willem Pieter De Groen
In: Financial Markets, Researchers’ work published externally
Date: 19 July 2012
Pages: 768

CEPS Senior Fellow Rym Ayadi and CEPS researchers Emrah Arbak and Willem Pieter De Groen contributed chapter 8 on “Executive Compensation and Risk-taking in European Banking” in a comprehensive volume entitled Research Handbook on International Banking and Governance. Edited by James R. Barth, Chen Lin and Clas Wihlborg and published by Edward Elgar Publishing, the book explores how regulation, legislation, politics and other factors influence the governance of financial institutions and their behavior in different dimensions. The contributors – top international scholars from finance, law and business – discuss market and policy features affecting the objectives and quality of governance.

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