Research Team: Rym Ayadi, Leonidas Paroussos, Kostas Fragkiadakis, Stella Tsani, Pantelis Capros, Carlo Sessa, Riccardo Enei and Marc Gafarot
Date: July 2015
Pages: 134

The study aims at identifying the scenarios of Catalonia’s future development with the rest of Spain and cooperation with the European Union. In particular:

  • Discussing potential alternative scenarios for Catalonia, in the event of becoming an independent state, as a consequence of new political developments and economic conditions at play in Spain in the next years through, until 2030.
  • Delivering a macro-economic assessment of the scenarios using a state of the-art economic model. This exercise provides for policy makers an essential background that helps understand the costs and benefits of different policy strategies in the years to come. It also helps to detect the best circumstances that would help to shape a successful transition process for different independence scenarios from the point of view of:
  • The Catalan economy and society, with evident benefits for the Catalan Government, its citizens and business in the region, in relation with the rest of Spain; and
  • The cooperation with the European Union and the Member States – including obviously Spain after the secession.

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